Chairman Message

Chairman Message

The development of any society depends upon the dynamic, futuristic and challenging nature of its Educational System. The strength and success of any Educational System depend more than any other single factor, the effectiveness and quality of its teachers, Education is supposed to be a guide of creating professionals for different fields of the society.

It is a Social Capital and a weapon to enhance quality, efficiency, and productivity of manpower.

As teachers are considered to be Nation Builders, the future of Nation depends upon the Teacher Education Program. The purpose of any Teacher Education Program is to produce dedicated, skilled, emotionally stable and academically sound teachers to the society as well Nation.

ASPS( Aditya Shiksha Prasar Sansthan) has started this course in the year 2006 and is running it successfully with a vision to provide competent and trained teachers to the society.

The mission of ASPS is to nurture and develop the talents and skill of a teacher in the pupil-teachers in a true sense, to support the social and economic advancement of the country.

We are committed to providing Quality Education to the students who aspire to attain knowledge, skill, qualification, and quality in Teacher Education or Teacher Training.

‘Quality Education’ is the only measure for all-round development. So through the better opportunity of education in ASPS, let us dare to dream Big! Let us bring quality in every sphere of life!

Ajay Katare
B.Tech. (MANIT, Bhopal), M.Tech. (IIT Kanpur)
Chairman, Aditya Group of Institutions, Satna, India
Former Principal Designer – Liebert Corporation, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Former Divisional Manager – Liebert Corporation, Mumbai, India